February 19th

February 19, 2021

Staff Celebration

What a lovely way for the Topham staff to start a Friday! Topham families and members of the North Langley Community Church were so gracious and kind to stand in the cold this morning to share doughnuts and hot coffee with our staff as they arrived at work today. Thank you so much for taking the time to celebrate the Topham staff for all that they do each day.

Bark Mulch

So many truck loads of bark mulch!! But so much endless entertainments for kids! Habitat is finished installing the playground equipment and the District Maintenance people have been busy spreading bark mulch. Next steps are the pouring of the rubber surface in one area and the installing of the perimeter curb to contain it all! So excited for it to be open soon!


I was walking down the hallway this week and the music was so lovely I had to go check it out! Division 3 has been busy practising with Ms. Jang the Little Pig Blue and its awesome! Check it out here

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