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Friday September 11, 2020

Parents please note emails were sent to all families Friday night (Sept. 11) informing them of their child’s classroom for Monday morning.

Friday September 18, 2020

It’s been a great first week! We were all so happy to have kids back in the building! Having their voices and energy have filled our hearts with joy.

Staff and students have been taking time to get settled into class, getting to know each other and the new school routines. But we are back in the swing of classroom teaching, gym class, music class and library.

Some up coming information:

Meet the Teacher Night:  Due to the many restrictions for schools as a result of Covid19, we will not be having a traditional Meet the Teacher night. Instead classroom teachers will be reaching out to families to connect, share expectations for the upcoming school year and most importantly, open lines of communication with you. This is the very first step in a very important relationship between school and home to ensure student success. If you haven’t already, you will hear from your classroom teacher no later than Friday, October 2nd.

School Photos: Individual student photos will be held Tuesday, September 29th. Further information to follow as to how that will look this year due to Covid19.

Form Completion: Two packages of forms will be coming home for your completion…brace yourself, there are a lot! I apologize but they are School District forms that are required to be completed by each student in our district. We tried to keep them easy to keep track of by putting them in two stapled packages, so I hope this helps. Thank you for taking the necessary time to complete and return them to your child’s classroom teacher.

Closed Playground: Just a reminder that the school playground is closed before and after school until 3pm. We have put things in place during the school day to ensure students are not intermixing with students from other cohorts so we just ask that you can support that as well before and after school.

Principal’s Blog: Each week I like to do a blog entry celebrating activities around the school. I do a brief blurb about happenings in different classrooms and try to include pictures. Student names are never included. It may be about a grade 1 class painting or about the grade 7’s doing science experiments. It’s always been my way of letting parents be part of what we do each day at school as often times I know when you ask your children what they have done all day the reply is often “nothing!” I think this window into the school will be especially important this year as we aren’t able to physically welcome you into the building.  We want you to be part of all of the great learning we do each day! Once I have the returned media forms, I will be able to begin. If you decline publication of your child’s photo, I will ensure they are not included in any of the photos I may take.


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